Point of Execution Compliance

Accurate execution for ideal customer engagement

Marketers often lose visibility to the last mile of marketing program execution. Missing displays, non-compliance and execution short-falls in stock availability or promotion pricing can interfere with customer engagement and put you at a competitive disadvantage. Archway can shed light on the unknown and ensure that your marketing vision becomes reality with our point of execution compliance services.

Confirm implementation with our mobile-enabled survey application that takes the guess work out of execution compliance. Verify receipt of POS promotion components, confirm completed display setup, request installation photos and inquire about implementation issues. All of this critical data is rolled into reporting to help you measure execution performance by store or by representative. Measurements are tracked in an analytics dashboard that documents everything from store, region, execution dates and more. Your data will help you determine underlying causes of non-compliance such as faulty materials, poor installation procedures, or training issues so you can identify execution problems and make corrections during the promotional period to prevent lost sales.

  • Better shelf execution
  • Greater accountability for execution performance
  • Better shopping experiences for your customers
  • Insights to measure performance and make adjustments
  • Insurance that your marketing vision becomes in-store reality


  • Display presence and accuracy
  • Product placement
  • Promotion execution
  • Stock status and levels
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