Order and Item Management

World-class capabilities for world-class results

A dynamic marketing mix requires best-in-class technology and a team of experts who can manage it all. Using the skills and talents of both, we help you engage all the various channels, ordering portals, items, users and business rules necessary to support your marketing initiatives and streamline your customers’ and users’ experiences.

Whatever your unique business requirements, we can develop a branded eStore that seamlessly integrates with your technology landscape, provides unparalleled visibility throughout the marketing supply chain, drives down costs and improves return on your marketing execution and production distribution.

Our online ordering uses business rule and role-driven security access and delivers content based on assigned roles. View images of materials, place orders, set up monthly campaign push distributions, consolidate shipping and publish corporate messages to your users using one centralized system. The user-friendly shopping cart has powerful, flexible search and browse functions so locating items and placing orders is intuitive and easy.

Keep a close eye on inventory status and allocations, including SKUs, total stock, location, ordering limits and access with our item management capabilities. Precisely calculate the elements of each promotional kit and the quantities to be executed, driving accurate demand, streamlining planning and in-store execution and reducing waste.

  • Simplify management of multiple ordering channels
  • Optimize demand-driven pull orders and push distribution
  • Support complex sales force, location and end customer distribution
  • Turnkey promotion support–Centralize management of multiple business units, with different  administrators and processes
  • Automated replenishment services
  • Integrate financial management and reporting
  • Centralize workflow with multi-DC distribution and integrate with  drop ship vendors


  • Order Capture
  • Catalog Management
  • Multi-Channel Ordering
  • Item Management– Payment Processing
  • Intelligent Profiling
  • Picking and Packing
  • Order Consolidation
  • Kitting and Fulfillment
  • Client-directed Finishing
  • Multi-DC Distribution
  • Returns
  • Recalls
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