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Ace Your Next Virtual Job Interview

Feeling less than confident about your upcoming online video job interview? As job interviews increasingly move to video platforms, have no fear. Archway’s recruiting expert offers five easy strategies to help make your next virtual job interview a success.

By Girlie Lincoln November 9th, 2020

Recruitment looks a lot different as COVID-19 has forced us to have limited contact with others. However, that doesn’t mean interviews can’t be personal and professional. You can still present your best self in video conferences with recruiters and hiring managers by using the “Five P’s of Success.”


Whether you use Zoom, Skype™, Microsoft® Teams, Google Duo™ or another video platform, download the application and try it out before your interview. Even if you’re not tech savvy, it’s essential you learn how to use it. Take your time, get comfortable using it and check the audio and video to ensure it’s working correctly on your device. You don’t want to be late or give the excuse you couldn’t figure out how it works. Using the video tool with confidence will help you impress the recruiter.


If you don’t have a home office to use for video interviews, no worries. Prior to the recent surge in companies working remotely, many employees didn’t have a home office so they improvised and created a workspace at home. Whether you choose to have your job interview at the dinner table, kitchen counter or couch, choose an area with an uncluttered background and plenty of light for your video call. The key is making sure the room you use has minimal visual distractions in the background. Recruiters want to focus on you, not your collection of cat figurines.


The place you choose for your interview should also have privacy. Recruiters understand dogs may bark and children aren’t always quiet, but it’s best to use a room where you can close the door and have as few interruptions as possible. If you don’t have such a room, take the interview outdoors only if you have great noise cancelling headphones. And if your car is the only really private place you have, then so be it. Being in an environment where you can listen and be heard is the top priority.


One of the great things about working from home is working in comfy clothes. (We all do it!) However, even if you’re supporting your favorite sports team for a game later that day, swap the jersey for a professional top. Not only will you avoid bad feelings if your potential boss is a fan of an opposing team, but dressing for success like you would for an in-person job interview will create a better impression and make you feel more professional.


Although it’s recommended to keep your cat figurines and lucky jersey out of sight, it’s important to be personable. Your winning personality can still shine through a computer screen. Show your winning personality through small talk, by sharing your interests, asking thoughtful questions about the job and showing enthusiasm about the company.

Although video interviews may feel unconventional and awkward at first, they’re quickly becoming the norm. Once you adapt to this process and learn to present your best self in a video interview, you’ll stand out among the field of applicants and make a great first impression – one that will help you secure the job you really want.