Don’t Make These 3 Costly Printing Mistakes

Fulfill your company’s print needs and reduce marketing spend with tips that could save your business millions of dollars.

By Archway Staff January 12th, 2020

When your marketing campaign is over do you end up with excess marketing materials? According to a recent Marketing Supply Chain Institute study, if you’re left with more than eight percent in excess printed materials, that’s too much. So how do you trim the amount you spend on inventory while maintaining the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns? Evaluate your print.

Avoid the following three common mistakes to reduce unnecessary waste and improve the health of your campaigns.

Under evaluating your print

If you haven’t evaluated your print within the past two years to understand quantity, you are probably overspending. Based on key data points like order history, you should know approximately how much you need to print. Excess material results in unnecessary storage fees and leads to costly waste and destruction fees. There are several online tools your fulfillment partner can use to help you track usage and identify patterns to ensure you have the right amount of materials printed.

Not printing locally

If your fulfillment partner can’t print your materials, make sure they’re a part of the sourcing process or managing your print vendor on your behalf. That way they can report back to you on the quality of materials and help you land the best possible price. If possible, the print vendor should be local to your fulfillment partner to eliminate unnecessary shipping costs.