How to Rock Your Resume

Use this experienced recruiter’s advice to create a resume that gets positive results. 

By Girlie Lincoln September 29th, 2020

Did you know the average recruiter takes 6 seconds to look at your resume? Why so quick, you ask? Well, depending on the role we’re filling, there are key qualifications we’re looking for in relation to your education, experience and commitment to employers. Listed below are four resume-winning tips to help you catch our attention.

1. Don’t Auto-Generate Your Resume, Design One.  

A great resume is an asset for job seekers at every level, in every industry. It needs to represent you before you even meet with potential employers, so choose a design that’s organized, easy-to-read and best reflects your qualifications. However, if you must use an auto-generated or generic resume builder, make sure it’s neat, aligned correctly and every word is proofread.

2. Your Contact Email Should Be Professional. 

Sorry, LuckyNLuv28 and TexasBadBoy100. While your email name may make me smile, I’m going to feel awkward forwarding your contact information to my hiring manager. Save clever, casual email addresses for personal use and always use a professional email name and address when applying for a job.

3. Resumes Should Be on One Page. 

“But I have so much work experience I want you to see, how am I going to fit it all on one page?!” Prioritize your experience, key skills and accomplishments. Remember, you’ve got six seconds to impress. Keep your resume to one page that highlights your qualifications and work experience — you can share more details when you land that job interview. Quality, not quantity, is what matters.

4. Show, Don’t Tell. 

Many applicants use words to illustrate their strengths. But instead of describing personal qualities, provide concrete work examples and we’ll more clearly see who you are. As recruiters, we love data because it shows us you can do the job. Dependable? We can see longevity in the dates you’ve stayed with a company. Hardworking? We know you work hard by the recognition you’ve received and awards you’ve listed. Motivated? When you share the promotions you’ve had, we know you’re driven to succeed.

Your resume provides a professional snapshot of who you are and what we can expect from you as an employee. When you take the time to do it right, you’ll see the positive difference it makes next time you apply for a job.