Managing Yourself Through Change

Three self-help rules to successfully manage your life through times of workplace challenges and transition.

By Archway Staff March 26th, 2020

Change in the workplace is constant. Even when its scope is limited, workplace change can have a big impact on how we manage our day to day tasks. Yet, there is another constant and arguably more important factor to consider — how we manage ourselves through these changes. Whether we are welcoming a new team member, changing positions, experiencing the stress of missed deadlines, or anything in-between, this type of change is exhilarating and exhausting. While it may be easy to navigate through changes that are exciting, what do you do when change is difficult? 

Follow the three simple self-help rules below to help manage yourself when workplace change is difficult.

Ask questions

Educate yourself on the things you do not understand and do not be afraid to ask questions until you are comfortable and have a good understanding of the information you seek. In instances where you cannot ask the questions, arm yourself with as much knowledge through research and other resources as possible.

Stay positive

Know that there will be times when a company and its employees need to “go through a storm.” Understand that these turbulent times will not last forever. 

Part of being a change agent is the acceptance that not all changes within the workplace will be popular or viewed as positive by the majority. You must make a conscious choice to move forward and embedding yourself into being part of a positive solution. Even when the solution runs counter to certain expectations, a positive mindset allows you to view situations with a fresh outlook and a constructive perspective.

Ask for help

Asking for help makes you a stronger person. When you reach out to others (your team, your leader, another mentor), you are investing in your greatest asset, YOU. Asking for help will allow you to gain new insights and opinions that can often open new and creative ways of thinking. You know how you feel about workplace changes, but you get a diversity of views from others who may enable you to create a different perspective. A fresh mindset is one of the building blocks to help you cross the bridge over self-doubt or discouragement. Remember the lessons from step one.

Managing your way through workplace change is not always an easy process. By using these three simple rules, your success with handling any type of change increases exponentially. Remember to invest in yourself often and abundantly.