Moving Forward from COVID-19

As the world reacts to COVID-19 and plans for “what comes next”, we will be defining and adapting to a new normal.

By Kerry James May 7th, 2020

Consumer preferences are changing; businesses are pivoting, evolving and adopting new operational frameworks, and industries are contracting and expanding — through all of this change, Archway is here to help.

As a designated “Critical Industry” organization, Archway has remained open and engaged with customers to support existing business, but also to support new programs that are directly related to products and services for the fight against COVID-19.

One such program saw Archway selected by a customer who has pivoted to the production of ventilators and needed a fulfillment partner who could quickly implement and execute the consolidation, kitting and distribution of accessories for these ventilators. Archway is not only able to meet all of the customers kitting and fulfillment requirements but is able to meet the stringent customer quality and compliance requirements. We are currently providing receiving, consolidation, kitting and packing of these accessories and shipping them to the customer’s facility for consolidation and shipment across the US.

We are also working with one of our large multinational customers to provide COVID-19 kits to their US based production facilities. These kits include cleaning materials, facemasks and hand sanitizer and allow their facilities to maintain a safe and clean working environment in a kit that is “right-sized” for the specific work location.

Within Archway, our Corporate Emergency Management Team (CEMT) continues to meet twice daily to manage our Pandemic Business Continuity Plan. We continuously monitor changes to federal, state and city guidelines and modify the plan to ensure that it contains the most up-to-date information so our teams are working in the safest possible environment. The measures the team have taken related to social distancing, facility cleaning and individual case management have allowed us to protect our employees and suppliers and continue to operate our facilities with minimal impact to our ability to support our customers.

While we all continue to define and navigate the new normal, Archway’s network of facilities and our expertise in kitting, fulfillment and logistics are available to help.