Shifting Technology Trends for Ecommerce Companies

Think like a tech company and learn how your B2B can benefit from the game-changing OrderCloud PaaS solution.

By Prasad Nimmagadda February 11th, 2020

The world is changing and technology is taking the lead. Today, everything is going digital – automotive, financial services, CPG, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and more. In North America alone, 89% of the population is online.

Marketing Technology

With technology taking the lead, marketing and warehousing management services are constantly changing, as the underlying technology for many key ecommerce functions are innovating and enabling new insights and achievements, forcing marketing companies to think like a tech company. These trends are driven by massive shifts in marketing technology on both the B2C and B2B2C applications. This is in part driven by the increasing need to target new logos for increasing revenue, while decreasing cost using digital marketing trends.

Streamlined Customization

Sensing the technology shift, Archway is currently executing a modernization project to replace 17+ order capture, order management, warehouse management and shipping management systems to six. We’re integrating our internal systems using Archway Connect OrderCloud PaaS solution to deliver customized brand experiences for all of our customers.

Automated Workflows

Using Archway Connect, will be able to respond to the unique needs of new and existing customers. It will allow us to roll out completely custom, game-changing e-commerce and order management experiences by making customizations to a starter application built on top of OrderCloud, our headless e-commerce platform. OrderCloud features a complex data model which provides the ability to automate complex B2B workflows and processes. When onboarding a new customer, our clients can spin up a new front-end experience that utilizes that same back-end, but presents the unique front-end experience the customer requires.