The Growing QSR

Leverage real-time store profiling technology to get every detail right for your next national franchise event.

By Billy Powers February 24th, 2020

One challenge many growing QSR’s face as they franchise and expand into new regions, is the rapidly increasing number of footprints and uniqueness of locations. These factors add complexity to in-store marketing processes and their ability to execute national events efficiently while providing for regional marketing opportunities. 

New Processes

At some point in the growth of these organizations, the processes that previously worked become overwhelmed. Efficiencies decrease as costs increase, and that’s only part of the issue these companies face. There are   growing demands from the franchise community and challenges for regional marketing. In some instances, brand control becomes an issue as marketing collateral is procured directly in the field, cutting out central marketing and opening the door to brand inconsistency. Over the years this is a phenomenon we have seen repeat itself over and over.

Store Profiling Tools

One primary recommendation we make to companies we work with is to engage in detailed store profiling as early as possible. Even if it’s basic data, it will grow,  just as its possibilities for usage will. To help in this process, we recommend the use of a real-time, comprehensive store profiling tool to capture and maintain this data.

Spreadsheets are fine early in the process, but managing that data across multiple users and making sure you always have the correct, up- to-date version can be problematic. The big benefit of moving away from spreadsheets to manage this data is the ability to seamlessly execute marketing events that become data driven and provide for the uniqueness of locations and markets. Our profiling tools allow marketers to focus on both the regional and national messaging. They let the tools do the work for them, determining variations and quantities based on the data.

Customized Marketing

Clients managing in-store marketing campaigns with the right tools can be creative, targeted and remain efficient. I can’t tell you how many franchisees I have spoken with over the years who express frustration about paying for marketing that doesn’t fit their location. By providing franchisees with a great marketing kit tailored for their location, you can build a happy franchise community. 

After all, it’s a very entrepreneurial spirit that leads someone to open a Quick Serve Restaurant. Since that type of individual is focused on profitability, a marketing campaign that works is essential — but it’s not enough. The kit itself must be cost-effective and never wasteful. For example, they don’t want to open a kit and have extra window clings because that’s the set number everyone gets. This type of inefficiency impacts profits.

As your organization grows and the number of locations multiplies exponentially, you need the right tools and partners to help manage this process. The more diverse your locations and the larger you grow, the more difficult it becomes to run a national event with local flair and know the right kit and elements will arrive to the right location. By addressing store profiling early and partnering with the right company, you’ll be ahead of the game with your marketing initiatives.